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The importance of putting a Strategic Plan together is in order to assist with the growth of the association as it gives all those involved a clear understanding about what the company is looking to achieve and how it is planning on getting there by providing direction. 

It also explains the association to the members, key stakeholders and others to inform, motivate and involve them SAACI and other related matters.

In a press release issued on the 4th of September 2013 by the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) a positive projection of growth among the respondents who participated in the survey which was conducted in conjunction with the IMEX Group.  Almost 30% of associations will be running more meetings in 2014 than in 2013.

According to the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) the trends that meeting professionals can expect for 2014 are those that we are currently experiencing and these are:

Smaller spending totals, attendees closer to home, shorter lead times and digital deliverables are what we can expect for 2014.


SAACI’s Vision

To be the voice of the conference, meetings and events industry in Southern Africa; to be the recognised partner to the public and private sectors; and to be the industry association of choice

SAACI’s Mission

To provide strategic direction and create a professional environment to grow the conference, meetings and events industry in a sustainable manner

SAACI’s Strategic Goals

Core Goals

·       To pro-actively identify and respond to issues impacting on the conference, meetings and events industry and where
       necessary to engage and lobby public and private sector bodies regarding issues of interest and concern to the
       membership base

·       To provide a gateway to knowledge and research that can be conveniently accessed by SAACI members to assist them
       with future planning, decision-making and marketing

·       To professionalise the industry through appropriate education and accreditation initiatives

·       To develop and maintain specific-interest forums with individual goals and operational strategies that are clearly
       communicated and achieved within the SAACI structures

·       To maintain and further penetrate traditional membership target markets for SAACI and to identify and develop new
       market segments (e.g. blue chip companies with events departments)

Supportive Goals

·       With due consideration to the fact that ‘structure should follow strategy’ to grow SAACI’s full-time capacity and structure
       to effectively manage and implement SAACI’s key strategies and actions.  Also consider full-time offices in key branches

·       To effectively and appropriately use the latest technology, e-tools and social media in all aspects of SAACI’s business

·       To be internationally recognised as a leading industry organisation with professional membership



The SAACI Vision

To be the globally recognised professional association of the business events industry in Southern Africa.  To be the strategic link for the public and private sector.


The SAACI Mission

To create a platform for:

·       Sustainable learning

·       Provide strategic direction (policies and procedures)

·       To grow the business events industry through strategic partnerships, networking and lobbying government


 The SAACI Purpose

To provide a platform for strategic direction and a professional environment to grow the business events industry within Southern Africa in a sustainable manner.               



·       Our members will conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner at all times, by providing a good quality
       service and being reliable.  Our members are to abide by the SAACI Code of Conduct at all times and steps will be taken
       should it be reported that this is not the case.


·       SAACI wishes to grow the greater business events community through sustainable business practices by raising the
       awareness of the culture diversity of South Africa, by conducting conferences & meetings in a responsible manner so as
       not to have a negative impact on the local communities which in turn should also provide a viable financial legacy for the            host community all while ensuring the survival of the local environment through best greening practices.

·       Ensuring that those within our industry as well as those entering into are educated to the best possible standards to
      ensure the overall sustainability of the business events sector and growth of our industry both locally and abroad.


·       In order to ensure the sustainability of our association and the sector SAACI has a duty to be creative with fresh thinking
      ideas for our members and community to utilise in the betterment of their businesses.


·       SAACI will have a knowledge base available to members which will provide documents that relate to best practice,
       research and general information which our members will become accustomed to utilising.


SAACI growing the business events industry in Southern Africa

·       By providing a platform whereby members may obtain a qualification or continue to improve on their skills through a
       recognised programme.

·       By partnering with public and private enterprises to ensure that issues affecting our industry are lobbied at the highest
       possible level

·       By linking up with international businesses and associations to keep up to date with the current trends around the globe