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Code Of Conduct
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Members are obliged to accept and abide by the SAACI Code of Conduct.

The Code:

· Approach all meetings in accordance with the highest ethical standards of professional and

   personal conduct.

· Negotiate all agreements in good faith respecting the rights of all parties involved.

· Respect the policies and regulations of those organisations with whom I deal.

· Participate and encourage others to participate in continuing education, endeavours and
   opportunities related to the Conference Industry.

· Refrain from activities that will cause damage or discredit to myself, my organisation or profession.

· Seek opportunities to increase public understanding and awareness of the Conference Industry.

· Not use my position for personal gain or benefit to the detriment or disadvantage of my organisation
  and to advise my organisation of any circumstances that may appear to constitute a conflict of interest.

· Further the mission and stated objectives of the Southern African Association for the
  Conference Industry.

· If a complaint is received against myself or my company I accept that SAACI may decide to mediate.

· If the results indicate that I am in breach of my Code of Conduct I accept that SAACI has the right to
  terminate my membership.