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Who is ICAS?
ICAS stands for Independent Counselling and Advisory Services and is the leading Employee Health and Wellness provider in South Africa. ICAS has a national footprint and provides Employee Health and Wellness Programmes (EHWP) services to companies across all SA sectors. Our holistic EHWP services are consistent with, and in fact exceed, the agreed standards promoted by the Employee Assistance Professionals Association of South Africa (EAPA-SA) and International standard. Being an internationally owned enterprise we are constantly aligning ourselves to international best practice. We have over the past 18 years been in partnership with top South African companies and have therefore had the opportunity and developed the ability to grow and evolve the programme in order to progress through the evolution phases of our EHWP.

   The Benefits to SAACI Members joining ICAS?
Our SAACI Wellness service empowers your employees to reach and maintain their peak work performance and,
   so unlocks your organisation’s previously untapped full potential.

*   Impact employee performance

*   Impact company productivity

*   Managerial support through all levels of your company

*   Take control of your absenteeism

*   Increase your company's peak productivity levels

*   Risk support for proactive improvement

*   Discover previously untapped productivity and performance from your employees
*   Enjoy our full support to help you convert your employees’ problems into opportunities
*   Proactively mitigate the cost and risk of employee absenteeism
*   Access live absenteeism information via your desktop, tablet or cell phone 

How does one join ICAS?
Contact Alex Sinclair Business Development Manager at ICAS
Email: / Mobile: 082 575 3477
Alex will listen to your needs, explain how the ICAS EHWP services work and will advise how to become a partner through SAACI.